Explorers Who Got Lost by Diane Sansevere-Dreher

Explorers Who Got Lost

Book Title: Explorers Who Got Lost

Publisher: Starscape

ISBN: 0765381516

Author: Diane Sansevere-Dreher

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Diane Sansevere-Dreher with Explorers Who Got Lost

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What do Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, and Bartolomeu Dias have in common? They were all explorers who got lost!

During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, almost every explorer who sailed beyond the horizon in search of new lands thought they knew where they were going. In fact, most got terribly lost and stumbled onto places unknown. Their discoveries may have been unintentional, but they changed the course of human history.

Fast-paced and exciting, Explorers Who Got Lost provides detailed information about the most influential explorers of the Age of Discovery: Bartolomeu Dias, Vasco Da Gama, Christopher Columbus, John Cabot, Ferdinand Magellan, Giovanni Da Verrazano, Jacques Cartier, and Henry Hudson.

This lively and accessible resource has dozens of charming illustrations, including portraits of the explorers, maps, routes, and diagrams of ships and navigational equipment. It also includes a reading and activity guide! Explorers Who Got Lost is a captivating and informative read for anyone interested in the Age of Discovery.